Resilience Has a Modifiable Set Point

Resilience, like happiness, has a modifiable set point. Resilience describes our ability to move forward in spite of adversity. While some have a greater capacity for resilience than others, it is possible to grow one's own, and others', capacity for resilience, according to research from the ADP Research Institute.

For example, leaders in an organization can help grow resiliency by focusing on points of certainty and making—and following through on—concrete commitments. Team leads, meanwhile, can foster resiliency through anticipatory communication (e.g. weekly check-in meetings with individual contributors) and by creating conditions of psychological safety, where contributors have the freedom to try new methods of working and getting things done in the way they think best.

Individuals, meanwhile, can improve their resiliency set point by compartmentalizing their work and other areas of their lives, and finding what in their work gives them a sense of purpose and strength.



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