The Heroine's Journey Narrates the Establishment of Community and Connection

The popular story structure of the hero's journey fixates on the hero's isolation from others. He is successful only insofar as he is individualistic; aid from others, community, and connection are barriers to his self-realization as the hero. For the hero, asking for help is bad, a sign of weakness and even a threat.

In contrast, the protagonist of the heroine's journey finds strength through connection. Her story (though "she" may present as any gender) is about reunification with some lost connection, and one where she establishes and grows a network of aid through which she is able to achieve a positive compromise that benefits not only herself but also the broader community and world around her. She achieves her goals through effective communication and information-gathering; requesting aid is, for her, a sign of strength. The more isolated she becomes, the weaker she is.



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